The HIDI Group is a multidisciplinary consultancy dedicated to providing world class solutions and unmatched service on every project. Founded by Andrew Hidi in 1975, HIDI has become a leading multinational firm with over 150 employees and eight integrated disciplines, with offices in Toronto, Calgary, and Dubai, and an international roster of work.

The HIDI Group offers a full suite of building service expertise in-house

Committed to creating safer, healthier and more efficient buildings through an integrated design process, The HIDI Group operates as its clients’ Partners from Concept to CompletionTM. This is supported by Principal-led Project execution, where Principals are directly responsible to clients for the success of their projects. By providing innovative, holistic and sustainable engineering solutions for projects of varying sizes, the firm allows clients to realize the full potential of their facility’s design and construction needs.

A skilled team of professional engineers, engineering technicians, BIM specialists and designers, we pursue constant improvement, both on a personal level and a corporate level. Our teams fuse individuals who have learned from the past, yet are designing for the future. Recognized as industry leaders in targeted market and service sectors, our strong commitment to technology and innovation enables us to adapt to your changing needs, as well as to changes within the marketplace.

corporate philosophy



Innovation. Continuous Improvement. Collaboration. We challenge ourselves with exciting projects that demand the development of novel solutions to propel our designs into the systems of the future.

Design Excellence

Design excellence in engineering is defined by the ability to accomplish established objectives in a manner that is both seamless and invisible, driving architectural intent to the forefront. Our clients understand the value of design to unite a community. Together, we optimize the user experience, while showcasing the architectural vision.


Employing an integrated design process from project inception translates
into the design of buildings that are safer, healthier, and more efficient.
Starting with an exploration of all of the passive and semi-passive
techniques to increase energy efficiency and comfort, we collaborate to evaluate active strategies that further enhance sustainability and users’ well-being.

Smart Buildings

Today’s technologically-driven generation demands interactive building systems that seamlessly consider voice, data, wireless, security, fire safety, access control, building automation, and multi-media systems. Approaching systems design in a comprehensive manner that resists technological obsolescence,
we develop interactive solutions that manage innovation on a daily basis.

Master Planning

Live, work and play – all in your own backyard. Mixed-use master-planned communities require thoughtful systems design to successfully cater to the needs of unique user groups. Collaborative brainstorming results in engaging dialogue that leads to the selection of optimal design strategies for our clients and the community.