Passionate about fuelling client success through the delivery of integrated solutions, we analyze Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Architectural Lighting Design, Communications Design, Security Design, Energy Services, Commissioning, and Risk and Resilience in tandem to maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs, and manage risk.

This multidisciplinary approach yields synergies that result in projects of the highest quality, and efficiencies with regards to design, budget, human capital and timelines.

Having eight interactive disciplines in one consultancy translates into the unique
in-house capability to analyze your objectives from multiple perspectives, understand your risk profile, and develop optimal solutions.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical systems have a direct impact on the human experience within any building. Human comfort is not just a thermal issue, it also comes from the knowledge that our lives and the properties we inhabit are protected by integrated fire protection systems, clean tap water, responsible energy usage, prime indoor air quality, and proper process requirements. We successfully engineer optimal environments, and continually update our knowledge and skills to provide state-of-the-art systems. Through teamwork, creativity, and cutting edge expertise, we develop appropriate solutions that balance performance against capital and operating costs.
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Electrical Design

Today’s buildings require a modern approach to electrical engineering design. From the onset of a project, through to completion and occupancy, our team of engineers, architectural lighting specialists and technicians strive to incorporate environmental, social and economic goals into our design ethos. We aid clients and architects to achieve these goals in an economic and efficient manner. All clients, stakeholders and end users depend on electrical power in countless ways to satisfy essential everyday functions. In addition to providing efficient and effective systems, our engineers play a major role in the creative design process.
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Our architectural lighting studio, Alula Lighting Design, offers lighting design consultancy services to meet clients’ needs and vision for the built environment. We believe in a collaborative process with the design team to produce creative solutions that are functional, visually pleasing, and integral to the architecture, while maintaining sensitivity to budget, schedule, code, and sustainability requirements. We design with understanding and expertise of the latest technology, trends, and methods in order to maximize creativity in providing architectural lighting solutions.
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We understand the role that technology plays in buildings today, and how it affects all disciplines. Low-voltage (communication) building systems provide knowledge workers and building operators with the tools they need to excel in their jobs and the marketplace. Voice, data, wireless, security, fire safety, access control, building automation, and multi-media systems are all essential elements of interactive building systems, and each must be tuned to today’s workforce. We understand how to design and document intelligent building systems that benefit the occupants as well as the building owners in a manner that resists technological obsolescence.
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Security planning, design, and execution in modern facilities demands specialized professionals who focus on comprehensive security planning. We understand that different types of facilities have unique operational and security requirements. Aware of the challenges and equipped with diverse project experience, our solutions are customized to fit the requirements of your specific project. We assist your organization in identifying security vulnerabilities and develop appropriate countermeasures to mitigate related risks. Our security designs and recommendations are based on sound security industry design concepts and best practices. In order to ensure constructability of our design and avoid project delays and budget variance, interdisciplinary coordination of all stakeholders are part of our standard offering.
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Commissioning today’s complex and integrated systems is an essential and cost effective process for sustainable practice guidelines, LEED, and certain new building regulations. Whether it be new building commissioning, existing building commissioning (retro-commissioning and re-commissioning), Building Envelope / Enclosure Commissioning, LEED Fundamental or Enhanced Commissioning, Mission Critical Commissioning, or compliance with ASHRAE and CSA guidelines, we implement quality processes that are carefully tailored to meet your project requirements, ensuring you have a trouble-free occupancy and an environment that meets your expectations. We offer this service through our dedicated group of professionals operating as HRCx, which has extensive experience with diverse facility types and has developed processes based on recognized industry leading organizations.
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Risk and Resilience

The risks that confront us globally, nationally and locally, have become more unpredictable, unpreventable and potentially catastrophic. Headline-grabbing events such as extreme weather and political unrest are compelling owners, operations managers and business leaders to take a closer look at their risk assessments and business continuity plans. HIDI Risk & Resilience works proactively with our global clients to help them meet these challenging goals in a holistic manner that blends seamlessly into architectural design and ergonomic operations. By engaging early in the planning phase, well before the design criteria are set, we increase our clients’ resiliency and make them aware of unforeseen hazards and risks, allowing them to: lower capital, construction and operating costs; increase resiliency and make smart choices for their staff and business operations.
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Energy Services

Reducing the environmental impact of our buildings is a priority at our firm. This involves implementing the most suitable design strategies for the project, identifying the most appropriate building systems for the program, and engaging the entire project team in the sustainable goals of the project. With a multitude of projects that have been Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified, many of our employees are LEED Accredited Professionals. We use a variety of methods to quantify the impact of the design features with regards to both energy usage and financial implications through services such as Energy Modeling, Energy Audits, Energy Calculations, Incentive Management, Third Party Reviews, and Feasibility Studies for new and existing facilities.
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