Norman Manley International Airport

The HIDI Group was the Communications Engineer for this 800,000 ft² airport expansion in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, which opened following a phased approach to accommodate the Cricket World Cup in Spring 2007.

The scope of work included the design and specification of a large fibre optic and copper cable network infrastructure and the design of a fault-tolerant Voice Over IP-enabled Ethernet based data network. The Airports Authority of Jamaica, through its operating unit, NMIA Airports Ltd., has embarked on a major methodology shift with this expansion project. In years previously, the Authority has allowed Tenants and Airlines to install all of their own network infrastructure, including phones and data systems. However, airports worldwide are moving to a shared use network infrastructure, called Common Use Network Infrastructure (CUNI), Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) and Common Use Service Stations (CUSS) for Check-in and Gate’s.

Completion Date: 2008