Designing the Hotel of the Future: Trisha Miazga Speaks at the Upcoming Hospitality Law Conference

The hospitality industry is responding to significant global changes including extremist elements; climate change; regulatory uncertainty with respect to energy consumption; and increased guest and community expectations regarding social and environmental responsibility.

Resilience Planning for Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Hotels

Our Trisha Miazga will introduce the resilience planning paradigm as a means of assuring all objectives and constraints, both operational and contextual, are managed and integrated across design disciplines at the Hospitality Law Conference in Houston, Texas on April 24-26, 2017.

Designing the Hotel of the Future

Trisha will also take part in a panel discussion, “Think Tank on Designing the Hotel of the Future with Safety & Security in Mind”, identifying key considerations in developing safe and secure hospitality projects for the present and future.

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