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Located in the Yorkville neighborhood in Toronto, Aburi Hana is the latest venture from the Vancouver based restaurant group Aburi Restaurants Canada, serving a modern interpretation of the traditional Kyoto-style ”Kaiseki” menu, a 15-course meal that showcases seasonal and local ingredients, prepared by an intricate dance of both modern and ancient cooking techniques.


Inside the elegant 3400 ft² restaurant space, diner can choose to dine at the 16-seat chef’s counter - where the diners have an optimal view to the kitchen and can enjoy the art and theatre of Kaiseki food preparation, or in one of the Kakurega private dining rooms – the “hidden gem” spaces of the restaurants. Freshly arrange Ikebana floral arrangements creates elegant focal points throughout the restaurant, along with original art pieces from Japan provides additional accents throughout.


ALULA Lighting Design worked with Ste. Marie Design from Vancouver for the lighting design of this restaurant. The lighting at the chef’s counter seating needed to be both functional and dramatic, all within the intimate space of the counter seating and chef’s preparation counter. The private dining room lighting accents focal points in the most minimalist ways – wall art, ikebana flower arrangements, and food. The dark finishes and variety of interior textures used throughout the restaurant in combination with the strategic placement of lighting creates a moody and mysterious atmosphere, waiting to be discovered.

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

CLIENT: Govan Brown + Associates Limited

OWNER: Aburi Restaurants Canada

ARCHITECT: Ste. Marie Design

SIZE: 3,400 ft²


MARKET SECTOR: Hospitality