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The HIDI Group is providing engineering services to Ridley College for its expansion and renovation to support the next 100 years of students and faculty. Founded in 1889, Ridley College is the largest boarding school in Canada offering International Baccalaureate (IB) programs 700 students from 65 countries make up the diverse student body. The school has especially strong Arts and Sports programmes, both of which are the focus of these expansion plans.


Working with American architect Centerbrook Architects in collaboration with local Canadian architect LGA, HIDI is providing a full suite of services, which includes mechanical, electrical, communications, audiovisual (AV) and security. Mechanical and electrical systems were designed to take advantage of new higher efficiency products, which will lower the carbon consumption and reduce operational costs. Challenges our team had to overcome included the superimposition of century old Architecture and systems with new materials and styles of the 21st century.  The project is being designed with the use of Revit models.


The Iggulden (Iggy) building, home of the arts curriculum is getting a significant 34,881 ft2 makeover, with new a 12,000 ft2 concert hall, music studios, recording facilities, lighting design class room, dance rooms, wood shop, ceramics studio, film and video production facilities and upgrades to a recital hall and will be design with all new audiovisual (AV) systems. The Sports complex renovation and expansion and will include a new gym, squash courts, yoga studio, offices, locker room and a completely new audio system and video projection to support major events.  Overall construction cost of the project will be 28.5 Million with a total size of the renovation and expansion will be 68,000 ft2.


The construction will start at the end of 2020 with the aim to be completed by 2022.

LOCATION: St. Catherines, Canada

CLIENT: Ridley College

OWNER: Ridley College

ARCHITECT: Centerbrook Architects & Planners, LGA Architects

SIZE: 68,000 ft²


MARKET SECTOR: Institutional